January, 8 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Dieting Tip:  Be young.  It’s so much easier when you’re young.

Writing Tip:  See above.

Yesterday I walked out to Teresa’s studio to tell her that dinner (such as it was) was ready.  And I was reminded of how much I miss having her work inside.  It would be impossible now.  Because of him.

Her studio is a big square room with skylights, big northfacing windows, rough brick walls, a cement floor covered with overlapping thrift store rugs.  Her etching press is against one wall–heavy, simple, beautiful machery.  There are two big work tables, tall shelves filled with rows of ink and acid and lots of other stuff that I don’t understand.  There are big flat flat drawers full of paper.

I was thinking about writing and how hopelesss and choatic it is and how different from what she does with that lively, steady concentration.  I think it’s important that her work is at least partly physical.  She makes something.

Rooms where real work gets done have so much life in them.  Of course the beauty of writing is you don’t need a room; do don’t need stuff.

But it feels a little thin.