January 10, 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Teresa read my diary and informed me that I spelled Barack Obama, among other things, wrong.  I feel incredibly defensive about this.


This morning before work I was reading Enzo yet another library book about snakes.  The book said a pelagic sea snake can grow up to five feet long.

Me:  What does pelagic mean?

Enzo:  I don’t know–what?

Me:  I don’t know.  I thought you’d know.

Enzo:  I think it means, like, ultimate.

I meant to look it up with him and have a learning moment, but I didn’t.  I think it has something to do with seaweed.  (Just looked it up.  It means “of the open sea.”)


Teresa said maybe the reason Enzo thinks brown people smell is that last week she and Enzo went to McDonald’s and outside a homeless black guy asked them for money.  Teresa said no, and then he asked for French fries, and she said, “Just leave us alone,” in a really pissed-off voice.

We decided that she probably shouldn’t talk to anyone like that in front of Enzo and also that we need to take him around to meet some really smelly homeless white people.

Enzo says “brown” but it’s clear from his examples that he means black, as in African American.

I’m at his basketball practice right now.  Two of the seven kids on his team are black.  I wonder what he thinks of them.  I don’t really feel like bringing it up again or making a big deal about the fact that they don’t smell.  (And besides, what if they do?)

By the way, sports are just as boring when your kid is playing.