February 12, 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

I’m in one of those moods where everything reminds me of everything else.

I was thinking more about Williams and how he went to Smith or Wellesley to read his poems, and they just loved him, and he loved them, and he wrote, “I wanted to rape them all!”

It’s one of those inventions that are so right in feeling–so perfect in the moment that they’re written–that the ordinary meanings of words seem no longer to apply.

I looked it up:

 At Wellesley, once, they practically carried me off on their shoulders.  I was speechless.  You could hear a pin drop.  A million girls were there…at least it looked that way.  A bell kept ringing, it finally stopped.  Floss had asked me to read the Coda to “Asphodel”…I thought I didn’t have time…but they stood on their heels and yelled…the girls…my god I was breathless, but I said do you really want more and they said yes, so I read what Floss knew they would like.  They were so adorable.  I could have raped them all!  (William Carlos Williams, I Wanted To Write a Poem, New Directions, 94-95, elipses in the original.)

Teresa says my diary is pretty entertaining when I write about her and Enzo.  When I write about writing, she skips it.  So:

Enzo:  I learned from Caruso that you should never eat with your mouth open.

Me:  Who’s Caruso?

Enzo:  Hello!  Earth to mom!  Come in, please!  Caruso.

Me:  Well, who is it?

Enzo:  A guy on Dino Squad.