February 24, 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

In my Writing Fort.  Still Fabulous.  Today when Enzo and Teresa go to the library I’m going to fix it up even more.


Remember the “I found you” incident?  (See Valentine’s Day.) I’ve been meaning to write that I haven’t seen the guy since, so now I’ve got the exercise room to myself.  But I realized one disadvantage of this.  Last Friday I got out my yoga mat and weights and went over to my usual corner.  I did the Pilates One Hundred.  And then I did a yoga stretch for my poor stiff hips.  And then I just lay on the yoga mat day dreaming.  And then it was time to go to work.  And I knew if he had been there I would have done my exercises.


 Enzo:  Trees are awesome.  But not as awesome as the animals in the trees.

Enzo:  Want to see something that’s faster than a cheetah?  (And he spins his small plastic top on the coffee table.  It is a blur.)


Enzo:  “Kate, the Farting Mom! Write that in your diary.”  (And I did.  This came up because we were trying to think of what each of our super powers should be.  Teresa’s was mind-reading.)


Enzo: Gail Gibbons is my favorite author. I’ve read twenty percent of her books.  (Twenty percent is his superlative. It’s the only percent he knows about, and someday we’re going to blow his mind and tell him about a hundred percent. Or better yet 99.999%.

Enzo:  (about the substitute teacher)  She was pretty skilled.