February 1, 1995

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

I’m writing a job application letter and trying to put together a respectable resume, two tasks which always send me into a paralysis of self-hatred and self-adoration.  “I am writing to apply…”  “I am writing to inquire…”  “I am writing to inquire about a possible application…” 

It’s hideous.  And to make matters worse, Teresa is taking applications at her store, so she reads me the resumes and applications over the phone.  One of the headings on their application is Other Interests–like they really want to know–and one girl wrote, “Wide knowledge of cuisines, wines and cheeses.”  And while Teresa was laughing at this, I was thinking, “I’ll use that!” and it was only the cheeses that saved me. 

She got one very long resume from a professional roller-disco champion.  He had mastered the use of those special resume words:  Facilitated the production of Southern California roller disco championships…Directed several featured numbers for multiple skaters in televised roller disco expo…Administered roller disco Australian-American exchange program.  Teresa thinks this is hilarious.  She has a job and doesn’t see the tragedy.

I’m writing this from memory, and I think I may be simultaneously embellishing and diminishing.  I’m almost sure that the real resume was much better than this:  less perfect but better.  And now we have an experiment.  I will call Teresa and get the resume word for word, and we shall decide for ourselves which one is better.  In the last few years I’ve found that things come out more interesting if I tell them as exactly as possible.  And now I submit to your judgment–which is the superior account?

  • 1983 Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA. Instructed Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced roller skating to adults and children
  • 1981 Made a music video with a skating group called Switch produced by the company Total Experience , Westwood, CA
  • 1980 Won several world championships:
    • First Place, World Roller Disco Championships at The Forum, Inglewood, CA
    • Second Place, NBC Sports World Invitational Roller Disco Championship, Orange County, CA
    • First Place, Pro-Am Roller Games Skate Championships, Malibu, CA
  • Traveled widely to perform in New York, Dallas, Florida Venezuela and Australia
  • Made a movie “Skate Town USA,” with the New Horizons Group
  • 1979 Formed New Horizons skating group of performance disco roller skaters

Isn’t it wonderful?  So earnest!  I couldn’t figure out what struck me–I thought it was his officialness, but it’s more his earnest pride. I find it very touching. The inexorable passage of time!  How the mighty are fallen!