March 12, 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

I heard on the radio that if you cut salt out of your diet, at first things taste really bad, but then your taste buds adjust, just as your eyes adjust when you live your entire life in a dimly lit room.  I think this was supposed to be encouraging, but all I could think was, Who wants to live in a dimly lit room?  Give me salt and sunshine!


Enzo:  Duncan’s looking at my picture of Kyrianna.  Has Duncan ever had a crush?

Me:  Maybe when he lived at Happy Tails.

(Actually Duncan has a huge crush on Enzo’s great white shark, an approximately cat-sized stuffed animal that he has humped into a state of serious disrepair.  Poor old proud cut cat.)


Me:  The more colors on your plate, the more nutritious your food.  My plate has green chard and red onions and green kale and orange dried apricots and brown sausage.  What colors do you have on your plate?

Enzo:  Yellow corn, brown sausage, green lettuce and orange carrots.

Teresa: I think I need a bowl of Trix to play that game.


Enzo:  Fear the Rear!  (And then he attacks my butt with his self-styled karate moves.)