March 14, 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Oh dear. No one will understand this except the poeple who follow this blog by email. Well. About one o’clock this morning I couldn’t sleep, and I went on a rant about how nobody appreciates me. I said nasty things about Facebook and how stupid it makes me. And then I posted it on my blog and went back to bed, but I knew it wasn’t right, and after about five minutes I got up and deleted it. But it had already gone out to everyone who follows my blog by email.  A select group. 

I’m pretty sure I managed to insult the people who actually use Facebook and puzzle (at best) those who don’t.

So, I am pretty embarrassed, and I don’t embarass easily. I’m just hoping that everyone who follows my blog likes me enough to overlook it.

I can feel myself about to start explaining, which is a pretty good way to ruin an apology. But I wanted to add that this notion that the world owes you attention is just wrong.  Any attention you get is either a gift or a mistake, and that’s a good thing, strangely comforting.