Couple Notes

by jkatejohnston

1)  I’ve decided to write my dates like a Brit because it just looks better and that’s how the great Diana Athill does it in the book I’m reading.  

2)  When I want to say something about what I wrote in 1995, I do it in the form of a comment, and I think you have to click onto the blog (not just read in your inbox) to see that.  Like on February 23, there’s a long comment quoting the passage in The Life of Johnson that’s the source of the expression “like a word in a catch.”  And I’m about to post February 24 along with a horribly long comment quoting from Boswell’s journal about Voltaire, which I’m sure is a must-miss for most people.  But if you want to see it, you have to click on the blog.  (By the way, I hate that word.)