19 March 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,


Enzo:  I dreamed that Teresa locked us outside with Bigfoot who was posing as the postman, but I could tell it was Bigfoot because I saw his teeth.  And I was so startled I punched him in the boob.

He was really scared at first, and then as we snuggled together in his warm bed the drama of the situation became more and more attractive.  It was morning, but still dark, and when we got up he said we needed to get weapons just in case.  He dug through his toy basket and got us each a tennis racquet.  Also a ball.  And we headed down the dark hallway.


Teresa:  I dreamed there was a big pot of chili on the stove and two of Enzo’s shirts were in the chili.  It was all oniony and beany and greasy and it looked really good.  Then Enzo’s shirts were folded, with no chili on them, but they weren’t clean.  It was like they were from his dirty clothes basket, but all folded nicely on the table, and no chili.


Enzo:  I dreamed I heard Kyrianna scream all the way from Lake Tahoe.

Me:  Was it a good scream or a scary scream?

Enzo:  I think it was a good scream.

Since we’ve mentioned her so often, here is a picture of Enzo and Kyrianna at Lake Tahoe last April, on the one occasion when we actually met her.Image