6 April 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Enzo: Is Santa real? Or do you guys just, like, eat some of the cookies and drink some of the milk and then, you know, take off?

Me: It’s not even Christmas time! We’ll talk about it when Christmas comes.

Enzo: It’s early. That’s when we should talk about it.

Me: I’ll talk to mom, and we’ll figure it out.

Enzo: I’m like a science guy. I should know stuff like that.

I talked to Teresa and we agreed we have to tell him next time he brings it up, but not until he does bring it up. I think he pretty much knows the answer, but he wants to hear it from us.


Enzo: Are you dressed?

Me: Yeah. Why?

Enzo: Just curiousity. Curiousity killed the human. (Looks at me expectantly.) Instead of the cat. Get it?


 (Just before taking cough syrup) It’s a sacrifice I have to make. 


(While spraying soy sauce on his rice) Watch out, I’m going long.