30 April 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Through the amazing generosity of a friend, we have a house in South Lake Tahoe that we can stay in. It’s a two-story house in a kind of barn style, very cozy and old-fashioned, if the 70’s can be old-fashioned. Anyway, I asked Enzo and Teresa their favorite thing about the Lake Tahoe house. I’m pretty sure Teresa said two bathrooms. I said the big upstairs porch with pine trees all around. And Enzo said the stairs.

“The stairs?” (He’s not even allowed to play on the stairs.)

“Yeah, the upstairs and the downstairs.”

That pretty much says it for me. I don’t know if it’s the house or the place or the fact that all our usual concerns are left behind. Anyway, we feel different up there in a really nice way. I always sleep the whole night through.


Enzo: “I’m not reading my book while I’m going downstairs. For safety.” Then, having arrived at the bottom, “I’m now going to read.” And he plops on the living room floor with the book. I’m pretty sure this announcement about what he was not doing means that’s exactly what he was doing.


Enzo scrambling up a steep river bank: “Dude, what part of ‘save your son!’ don’t you understand?”


After a long day at the lake, Enzo was changing clothes. Teresa let him skip the underwear. “You’re going commando,” she said. You could see the dawning joy on his face as he got the full flavor of this new expression, which he repeated to himself several times: “Going commando…going commando. Then he added, “Mama Kate is going commando too.”

“I like to think of it as going commanda.”


Enzo, “I’m reading the most appropriate book in the world. Captain Underpants.”