4 June 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Am sausage. Have managed to zip self into size 9/10 wetsuit, emphasis on the 9. Are they supposed to be this tight? Arms and legs stiff, can move only in manner of Neil Armstrong and similar walking on moon. Only not air borne.

(later, out of wetsuit)

Just in case the Bake Off and Oprah Writing Contest don’t work out, I’m taking an administrative law class two nights a week to advance my alleged career. (By lawyer standards I make squat, by human standards, riches.) Anyway I forgot about the part where you have to do homework. It’s 8:30–my bedtime–and I just had Teresa fetch me another Fudgsicle to get me through Impact Statements.

Really must stop writing this now, but I just have to add that today is Grandma Clara’s birthday, and she would have been 98. Long live Grandma Clara!