17 June 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

I had such a strange good day yesterday. I mean, after the chocolate lunch.

All afternoon I read and ate and made notes for that thing I’m going to write about Mr. Stephens. (Alan Stephens, the poet and teacher, see http://alanstephenspoems.com/) I kept crying, but in a good way. Then I cleaned a bit.

I was thinking that someone should have told Al about Patrick O’Brian. He would have loved those books and there are so many of them. But probably no one ever did because we were too shy. And my god, recommending a book to Mr. Stephens! I would just never do it. Just like Annie and I never told him that we called the Five Rennaisance Poets class 5 Ren Po, which I think he would have loved too. It’s so poetic and silly. But no one wanted to say silly things to him, and now it’s too late.

(later, at work)

Since I learned about this Al Stephens project (a temporary blog where different people write about his poems), my mind has been whirring with things I want to say. And yesterday all my notes were just out of my head and I was ticking over the poems in my mind trying to come up with ones that would fit what I already knew I wanted to write. (Did I learn nothing at CCS?) Then the next day (today) I actually opened one of his books and started to read and forgot all about what I wanted to say. That wonderful man.

Now I have no idea what to write and I don’t really care.