20 June 2013

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

Enzo wakes up. First sleepy words:  “Can you believe there are 6 caimans, 2 gators, 2 gharials—and one is false—and 13 crocodiles? And there’s only one place in the whole world where a crocodile and an alligator may meet. Florida, North America.”

I ask him if, in a minute, when he gets up, we can write about that in my diary.

“Your diary has reptiles?” Suddenly interested.


Later same morning. “Want me to make you some egg stew?”

“Um…what’s egg stew?”

“You know, crack the eggs and put them in that thing—you know…”

“The blender?”


“Okay, but then we have to cook them. I’ll take them for my lunch.” So we make egg stew, adding green food coloring to the eggs so they’re bright forest green and blue food coloring to the sour cream. I scramble the stew and put it all in a Tupperware to take to work.

“Don’t forget to show your boss.”

And just when I think we’re done: “Now let’s make tuna stew.” I talk him into tuna salad. He stands in front of the pantry shelves looking speculative. I quickly hand him toasted sesame oil, toasted salty sesame seeds, and he heads to the fridge on his own and comes out with soy sauce. (He’s learning.) He puts all that together, smells it and says, “It’s so Japanese.” Then he requests olive oil and I hand it over. Tuna, arugula (my idea). And then it’s time to go to work.