Pop! Pop!

by jkatejohnston

[This is my 1995 Diary. I’ve lost the thread of it because I haven’t worked on it in a month, and I assume others have forgotten about it completely. So just to review: I was finishing grad school in Oakland, but spending most of my time in Santa Barbara with Teresa.]

20 April 1995

Dear Max,

This morning Teresa woke me up and I said, “Pop me!”

“Pop yourself.” But she whisked the covers away and put her long cold hands on my butt. “Pop! Pop!” Then she began bouncing the mattress with her hands and kissing me and bumping her forehead against mine. She’s more of a morning person than I am.

I stuck my legs out. “Get my sweats.”

“They’re in the laundry bag. Want a robe?”

I nodded and she put it on me and tied the tie. Then she gave me a pat, and I was popped.

I actually have some Goals For the Day: write two letters of application, print two resumes and mail them. I can’t remember the others. Oh, exercise. Finish applying to The Independent. Transcribe my interview with Jervey. Read Jervey’s new book and prepare an oral report on it for school (remember school?).[1]

I also want to buy this new beauty product called Clear Pore, which sounds like Drano for the face. A sure attracton to a mind like mine.

[1] Jervey Tervalon, school pal from College of Creative Studies, though he was a little ahead of me.