Flower Boy

by jkatejohnston

14 July 2013 (Happy Bastille Day)

Dear Max,

Yesterday afternoon Teresa told Enzo that we’re going to be getting married up in Tahoe in a couple of weeks.

Enzo: “That sounds kinda gross. Do you have to?”

Teresa: “Don’t you want me and mom to be happy?”

Enzo: “You already are happy.”

Teresa: “Well, yeah…”

Enzo: “Please don’t get married. I beg you. I’m going to faint.”

Teresa: “It won’t take that long.”

Enzo: “But how come?”

Teresa: “Well, for a long time some people thought that if you were two moms or two dads then you shouldn’t be allowed to get married. But now everyone understands that everyone should be able to get married.”

Enzo: “Are you guys gonna kiss?”

Teresa: “Yeah.”

Enzo: “I’m gonna be barfing.”

We were finally able to persuade him that it won’t be like the big fancy wedding that he knows about from one of his books. It’ll be more like going to the bank or the post office—not his favorite things, but not a big deal. And since he’s going to be Best Man, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer, plus give us both away, he’d better get used to the idea.


Enzo just woke up. I asked him if he’s thought any more about us getting married.

Enzo: “You know Jonathan and Rachel and stuff?”

Me: “Jonah’s parents?”

Enzo: “Yeah. Why didn’t you get married before like them?”

Me: “Well, it’s like mom said, it used to be that if you were two moms you couldn’t get married. But now you can.”

Enzo: “But what would happen if you secretly got married?”

Me: “Nothing.”

Enzo: “So why didn’t you do it secretly?”

Me: “Well, we sort of did. I mean, we have rings and we love each other and we’ve lived together for a super long time and we have you.”

Enzo: “Mama Teresa does most of the work for me.”

Me: “Yeah.”

Enzo: “Doesn’t it seem strange that the mom I was born from works and the mom I wasn’t born from does most of the work for me?”

Me: “I guess so. So, do you have any more questions about the wedding?”

Enzo: “I’m going to bring the fart blaster. And when you kiss…[sound effects]”