Sick-sick and Awesome-sick

by jkatejohnston

17 July 2013

Dear Max,

Some of these notes are so old that I can’t supply any context. I offer them as artifacts. Assume it’s Enzo talking unless it says otherwise:


“Here comes the elephant getting into the mud bath.”


“I see San Francisco, I see Kate’s underpants.” [We must have introduced him to “I see London, I see France…”]


When asked what kind of cheese he wants on his taco: “Yellow. But white is more fashionable. You guys can have white.”


“Even though I’m sick, I can still deliver a powerful blow.”


Enzo: “There’s sick-sick and there’s awesome-sick.”

Me: “Which one are you?”

Enzo: “Both!”


Enzo: “You look pretty.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Enzo: “Is that your wedding dress?”

Me: “No, it’s just an old-time nightgown.”

Enzo: “Yes it is. Were you guys in there getting married?”


As I get dressed for work:

Enzo: “Duncan is seeing your cheeks”

Me: “And what does he think?”

Enzo: “They’re good.”


After saying hi to our new neighbors, the rock stars. “I bet one of them is named Shawn. Shawn is a rock band name. Or a surfer.”


Me: “How much pee is in that bath?”

Enzo: “Half a kilometer.”


Sometimes Teresa and I pull down his pajama bottoms and spank him. We take a cheek each—spank-spank-spank-spank-spank—while he laughs and protests.