We Do

by jkatejohnston

25 July 2013

Dear Max,

Morning in Tahoe. How good it feels to pull on a fleece. Tea is almost ready. Enzo and Teresa are still in bed. I hear birds, faint traffic, and the cold air is pouring through this open window. The sky is light but no sun yet. And we’re getting married today.

Enzo just got up. Flannel pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt and a sleepy warm face. (It’s been about two months since he’s worn more than a tiny tank top and boxer shorts to bed.)

27 July 2013

Dear Max,

We did it, and it was simple and nice. You show ID, fill out some paperwork, bread and butter vows. Enzo behaved well, even though he resisted the whole thing mightily before and after. In the morning beforehand:

Enzo: “I’m going to be hiding in a closet while you’re doing the kissing.”

Me: “It won’t even take long. And I don’t think they have a closet.”

Enzo: “I’m going to be reading my Ninjago book.”

Me: “Okay. You can bring it.” I could see he was near tears. “It’s not going to change our family.”

Enzo: “Everything strange changes our family.”

Toward evening the same day I asked him what he thought, now that it was all over.

Enzo: “I think you should keep it a secret.”

Me: “Why?”

Enzo: “Because it’s just ridiculous.”

Me: “Because it’s me and mom or just anybody?”

Enzo: “You and mom. People could make fun of me.”

Me: “Who?”

Enzo: “Like, Kai.”

Me: “Who’s Kai?”

Enzo: “Like big kids.”

We never did find out who Kai is. (Or was it Tai?) I asked Teresa if she thinks he’s embarrassed because we’re both women.

“He might be.”

We agreed that was pretty likely and okay with us. But fuck Kai, whoever that is.

The next day, yesterday, was a wonderful day. We went to Sawmill Pond early in the morning and got skunked as usual. But it was beautiful with mist rising off the pond and the sun finally coming over the ridge and pouring down warmth. Then we went to a spot we remembered from a bike ride—a dead end street in the Tahoe Keys that ended at the water, and there were small blue gills, swarms of them. We caught and released five or six and kept one for Enzo’s collection. The whole family was excited and happy.

Later Teresa went to the library and Enzo and I went to the creek and floated down, me on a boogie board, Enzo on an inner tube. The creek is clear with a gravelly bottom, only a few inches deep in places, so you have to get up and walk or push yourself along. And you have to fend of snags and branches. It’s peaceful and exciting. And then you walk back.

Dinner, movie-night for Enzo, and all of us tired and in bed before dark.