Happy Birthday To Me

by jkatejohnston

29 July 2013

Dear Max,

I love my birthday, but I have to be careful. I do things outside my routine, and that can throw me off balance. Must remember the importance of low expectations and small treats. Such as right now I’m at the Red Hut Waffle Shop with time to write in my diary, and later Teresa and Enzo will be here. Also walking here with the early morning sun in my face, and then getting a cafe au lait at the hippy place next door with the most appalling service, which I did not allow myself to get annoyed at because today is my birthday. And this morning in bed with Teresa spooned around me and Enzo on the other side being a wiggle worm.

I’m forty-five. That’s a substantial number. I’m working on my birthday resolutions. Maybe I’ll give up TV and start reading again.