A Sign

by jkatejohnston

10 August 2013

Dear Max,

Just got a personal message from Deepak and Oprah saying it is okay that I have may have missed a few meditations and that just intending to meditate is an important step toward positive transformation in my life and when I am ready I should release myself from all judgment and log in to The Challenge.  

So. They know. If I downloaded the audio for each meditation and then left the room would they still know? And what would they think about the fact that yesterday, the very day I harvested the first figs from my baby fig tree, on my way home from work I stopped to buy my friend a gift certificate, and on a bench on the busy city sidewalk were four near-perfect figs, all in a line. A Sign.

Of course it crossed my mind that they may have been injected with strychnine and planted there by someone who doesn’t like homeless people. But probably not. And you do not reject the gifts of the gods. I harvested them and then forgot about them until this moment. I hope they survived in my bike bag.