There Might Be A Small Mess

by jkatejohnston

20 August 2013

Dear Max,

Enzo sayings:

“I don’t want to be called cute or handsome or anything else that makes me adorable. I want to be feared.”


 “This life jacket breaks my style.”


“Um, there might be small mess.”


Enzo and a younger kid (boy around five) at the playground. I didn’t hear the beginning of this conversation.

Younger Kid: “Can’t you buy a dad?”

Enzo: “That’s impossible.”

Younger Kid: “Was he mad at you?”

Enzo: “No. I’m never going to have a dad. Both my moms had eggs and you need sperm so…” And then they move off out of earshot.

A few minutes later the kid runs off and I walk over to where Enzo is standing on a piece of playground equipment. His head is down and shaking a bit. He’s wearing a hat. I think he might be crying, but he’s not. He’s sort of half-laughing and shaking his head. “That kid is so immature. He asked me everything about me. He said everyone has a dad, but that’s not true. Some people don’t even have a mom. That kid was getting on my nerves.”