Done! Well almost…

by jkatejohnston

9 May 1995

Dear Max,

After I turned in my Last Paper Ever and received the Presidential hand shake and half-hug and left the class forever, I felt so good and happy I could hardly stand it.[1] Done! Well almost. One more class.

I walked under the long row of sycamore trees lining the main road on campus brimming with goodwill toward people that I once hated and probably still do. I ran into Melissa and we laughed together about who knows what, forgot where we were going and wandered aimlessly. We even ran into Madeleine on the stairs—big smile and a wave from me. Melissa and I were laughing anyway, so I guess it was just a matter of not switching  to a scowl.[2]

[1] Did I mention that the President of Mills was teaching the class? I don’t want to give the impression that I attended graduation. God forbid.

[2] My war with Madeleine is covered in roughly the first half of my 1994 Diary. To which I attempt a link: