Fall Eve

by jkatejohnston

20 September 2013

Dear Max,

Me or Teresa: “Do you like sticks?”

Enzo: “Yeah.”

Me or Teresa: “Do you like fish?”

Enzo: “Yeah.”

Me or Teresa: “Do you like…”

Enzo: “Fishsticks!”

You’d be amazed how far you can take this. Cheeks and Butt. Scotch and Butter (He has no idea what Scotch is but he’ll say yes to anything).

Anyway, I was thinking about how last weekend at Trader Joe’s he was saying, “Can we get a little pumpkin? Please, I beg you.” He wanted to make pumpkin pie. And I happen to know from long experience that even pie pumpkins aren’t as good as canned pumpkin for pie, and Trader Joe’s doesn’t have canned pumpkin yet, and I wasn’t going to the regular store, so I put him off. But yesterday at lunchtime I was walking downtown, and it was only a little warm. I walked on the sunny side of the street. The air was clear, the sky a darker blue. I remembered that Saturday is the first day of Fall. And I thought, do you like pumpkins? Do you like pie? Oh yeah, baby.

Plus I’m dying to try a browned butter pie crust. Has anyone done that? Tips?