by jkatejohnston

2 October 2013

Dear Max,

After his bath, Enzo asked me to pick him up so he could look in the mirror. He appraised himself for a moment. “I’m awesomer when I’m dirty.”


“You know, running, wipe-out—that kind of dirty.”


I asked told him to put away his shoes and added, “These are the fastest shoes you’ve ever had.”

“It doesn’t depend on the shoe. It depends on the person that wears them. To determine—for example—Quentin, even if he wears these shoes, I would still be faster. And Quentin doesn’t know even a tiny bit about reptiles.” Quentin is Keelan’s baby brother.


Teresa: “I wish I could remember what he was saying when he did it, but Enzo used air quotes and I found it incredibly annoying.”


When I told Teresa how Enzo got eurythmy mixed up with therapy, I asked her how he even knew what therapy was. She answered without hesitation, “Daphne. On Scooby Doo.”