by jkatejohnston

Announcement! Boast! Nag!

My pal and sister-in law-Kristin Anderson published her book on Amazon, and it is drop dead gorgeous. Here is a link. (I really wish I knew how to do one of those links that’s also a picture.)

And here is my Amazon review: 

Welcome to the land of seven-minute showers and eight-hour love, where the prose is purple and the politics are green, and it’s not just the planet that’s heating up.

When I say eight-hour love, yes I mean THAT love, but I hasten to add that the love making is tastefully implied. The book is sexy, but it’s not pornography. Nor is the prose purple (it just felt good to write that) it’s clear and straightforward.

Anyway, this book combines two genres that I usually avoid: the romance novel and the political manifesto. (I don’t give a rat’s ass about the planet.) What shakes me out of my usual prejudices are the two main characters, who are likable and believable and you want them to be happy. They are also very different from each other (he’s an Enviro-Activist; she’s a Material Girl) and that’s really what the story is about. When opposites attract, well, they’re still opposites–what to do? And how much should you change for another person? And what if you accidentally find yourself living the wrong life? How do you change your life without totally ruining it in the process?

I don’t want to give away the story, but I will say that it ends on a happy, hopeful note for the people and the planet. May we all be so Sustainable.

The nag part goes like this: I happen to know that at at least one person who reads this blog has a finished novel shoved in a desk drawer. A bunch of other people who read this blog probably have close-to-finished long pieces of writing. So. Publishing on Amazon is FREE. And it is not hard. And I would help you.

One more reason to get Kristin’s book is to steal ideas about formatting, layout, and the general look of the thing. It’s beautifully put together. And then get depressed because she’s married to a graphic designer and you are not. But the ready-made Amazon cover templates are fine too. You do not have to marry her husband to publish your book.