Stop The Presses!

by jkatejohnston

Actually, keep the presses rolling. Anna Schott got her Butt Book out, and it is incredibly fun to read.

Here is my Amazon Review: 

These poems about the Butt of A. Schott are hilarious and surprising and you can understand them, which I think is a huge plus when it comes to poetry. Ms. Schott is an A-1 versifier, in the style of Calvin Trillin and many other distinguished practitioners. (It’s absurd that rhymed and metered poems that happen to be funny are considered “light” verse. There’s nothing light about Ms.Schott’s Butt.)

In fact the Butt in this delightful collection is (at this moment) one of my favorite characters in literature. It is headstrong, independent, vulnerable, powerful, intelligent, productive, and of course very beautiful. It is also quite large. Not to mention cheeky.