Endings & Beginnings

by jkatejohnston

31 January 2013

Dear Max,

Looking back to the beginning of this year’s diary, I see that I didn’t make any really resolute type resolutions a year ago, though I considered and rejected several. Probably I just don’t believe in them. But this year—the year starting tomorrow—really truly I resolve to take my vitamin D and calcium and write a potboiler.

I’ve been away from criminal law for more than a year now, so maybe I can write about it. And it’ll have to be fiction, which I haven’t tried to write in about twenty years. Think Rumpole of the Bailey meets Absolutely Fabulous. With Snacks. Time to let in some new voices. Do a good back flip.

I’ve already written two chapters, and the most that can be said for them is they’re extremely short.

Teresa’s resolution is to be Fabulous at Fifty, which is how old she turns in August. She has authorized me to go on record with this so that she can’t back out. You may recall that last year we were thinking about resolving to let ourselves go, but somehow we couldn’t even stick with that. So, Fabulous at Fifty. Potboiler at Forty-Six. Good bones for all.

And now, goodbye my dear, dear diary of 2013. You have been such a good diary! Lots of love!