Dreams & Resolutions

by jkatejohnston

January 1-4

Dear Max,

Of course I adore resolutions. They’re so hopeful. I just can’t think of any. Last year I wrote about how one of my lawyer pals said I was the most disciplined person she knew, and it sounded so grim. I don’t want any more good habits.


I dreamed that you (Max) and I were going to take our lions for a walk at four o’clock. It was all preparation. The walk never happened. It was unremarkable.


I’m reading over my 2014 Diary and taking out the boring parts so that I can get the rest printed and bound (only for ourselves, alas), and all the boring parts are opinions. It seems that my opinions are either very much like other people’s who said them better or not like anyone else’s and wrong.


Looked over last year’s resolutions for inspiration: Write a Popboiler. Take vitamin D. I did the first one. My resolutions for 2015 should be: Write it again. Take vitamin D.

The agent I sent my sample pages to has forgotten to reject me.