Chalk & Cheese

by jkatejohnston

2 February 2015

Dear Max,

Are there any non-trashy self-published Kindle books that sell well? I suspect not. And you know whose fault that is? Mine!

One of the really good secretaries at work reads all the time: in the elevator, walking to lunch, at her desk when she’s on break—always on a Kindle. I asked her what she was reading and she said it was a trilogy that started out as a Dystopian Futuristic Thriller and ended up turning into a Space Opera. And guess what I’ve been reading lately? Nothing. During the time that I would once have read, I write and watch a little TV.

I’m going to Fresno for work for a few days, and I’m going to read. I’ll be in hearings all day, but at night: hotel, alone, glorious.

But it’ll take a little bit of that famous discipline not to just binge-watch The Good Wife or listen to podcasts and go to sleep. The idea of disciplining yourself to read is so depressing. Appetite is so much better than discipline. It’s chalk and cheese!