Curse the Fates

by jkatejohnston

5 February 2015

Dear Max,

Home. Coffee in front of the fire. Duncan walking across my laptop. Enzo asleep. Teresa at the gym.

Teresa filed our taxes last weekend. And on Tuesday, while I was in Fresno, along came some mail: Important Tax Documents. I made $85.95 on my books last year, and now we have to figure out how to pay the taxes on it.

Curse the Fates! as Enzo would say. (Or, in opposite circumstances: Thank the Gods! He’s into Greek mythology.)

It reminds me of Trollope’s remark about The Warden when it was first published: “The pecuniary success was not great. Indeed, as regarded remuneration for the time, stone-breaking would have done better.” (Autobiography of Anthony Trollope, Chapter Five.)