All You Need Is Love

by jkatejohnston

9 March 2015

Dear Max,

We’re all in a glow because Colin’s going to be published. In the newspaper, as Enzo put it, and we had to explain, well, more like a newsletter. We adopted Colin from a dog rescue called Homeward Bound. Teresa takes him back every Saturday for obedience class, and the trainer wants to write a case study about him. Because he’s so good and happy. She worked with Colin a lot when he lived at the rescue, and she never thought he could be that way. Fearful dogs usually stay at least a little fearful.

That afternoon at the dog park, as if to bring us all down a peg, Colin ran away. He did it without much conviction, sidling away and then out of the dog park, trotting down the street, pretending not to hear Teresa calling him. Enzo caught up with him several times, but Colin easily shook off his tackle, and Teresa finally convinced Enzo to grab his collar instead of lunging for his body.

They came home, chastened all around.

My imaginary title for the article—or monograph as I like to think of it—is something like, “All You Need is Love: Trauma and Resilience in Young Adult Canines: A Case Study.”