Dust to Dust

by jkatejohnston

29 October 2015

Dear Max,

Yesterday I came home from work a little late. Enzo and Teresa had already eaten dinner. They were in the backyard, which is a drought-stricken, dog-stricken dust bowl. Enzo said, “Want to see the grand finale?” He was up in the pomelo tree with a five gallon bucket. He tipped the bucket and dumped about a quart of fine dust onto the bare dirt beneeth the tree. A mushroom cloud of dust rose up and spread.

Teresa took Colin for a walk. Enzo said, “Want to see the grand finale of the grand finale?”

“Sure.” I was eating an avocado with Fritos and string cheese and a few little tomatos. I had a glass of wine. Pete wanted it all. I set my dinner on top of the a trash can and stood and ate and watched while Enzo scooped up dust with both hands and put it in the bucket. The handle of the bucket was tied to a rope. The other end of the rope was tied to one of the big branches. Enzo climbed the tree, hauled up the bucket, tipped it out and made another mushroom cloud.

Then, “Want to see the grand finale of the grand finale of the grand finale?” And he did it all again.