Every Possible Muddy Thing

by jkatejohnston

9 November 2015

Dear Max,

Yesterday I stood silent and listening in the hallway while Teresa explained erectile dysfunction to Enzo during a commercial break in the Cowboys/Eagles game.

She did it in a clear and efficient manner, beginning with a review of erections. Afterward she told me that a Cialis commercial came on, and she didn’t think he was paying attention to it because they were talking about other stuff, but then he said, “Those pills are for sex?” So she explained.

As I stood and listened, I couldn’t hear what Enzo was saying, but I could hear the sound of his voice. He sounded reasonable, serious, grownup. He never talks to me like that.


The dust bowl in the backyard turned into a mud bowl. Yesterday Enzo came into the house after being in the backyard. “I’ve done every possible muddy thing!” His face was muddy. His clothes were plastered. I made him strip down just inside the back door, and there was even mud on his underwear. Petey looked about same, but couldn’t strip. I rubbed Pete down with kitchen towels and warm water. He didn’t end up clean, but it diluted the mud to something he could mostly shake off.