Their World

by jkatejohnston

This morning at our neighborhood polling place I saw a woman with her two elementary-school-age daughters. She took their picture in front of one of the Vote Here signs. It was going to be a good day for girls, a historic day.

What is that mom going to say to her daughters tomorrow morning? What will Hillary’s loss look like to them? I hope it just looks like old people who will be dead soon, so it doesn’t much matter. I hope girls don’t care, or even notice.

But I’ll tell you what it looks like to me. You can be the smartest girl in the class, the smartest kid, and the hardest worker, and be that your whole life, and you’ll still lose to a man. You do the work. They get the power. It’s their world. (You might get a little money and power if you’re likable enough.)

And what about my grandma, who might not live to see a woman president? The girls will get there. But what about the old ladies?

I don’t think Hillary lost because she’s a woman. It’s many thousand times more complicated than that. I’m just thinking about what the world looks like to girls, what their possibilities are.


I see haven’t even mentioned the really bad part of all this. We just elected an avowed racist as our president. And I feel shame.