Texas Blue & Puppy Stuff Too

by jkatejohnston

Dear Max,

The farm animal proposition passed, so let’s hope I was wrong about how a rational chicken would have voted. The increased local sales tax passed too. My bus stop companion will have to stretch out her SSI check that one percent more. The pattern I see is that the less power you have, the more your life is affected by the outcome of elections. None of the results will make a dime’s worth of difference to me.

But there were some real heart-breakers. My sister in Texas was canvasing until two o’clock on Tuesday, and she’s been doing it for months, speaking Spanish, no less. I heard on the radio that over eight million people voted in Texas, and I’m giving her personal credit for several thousand. And yet that horror show, Ted Cruz, prevailed. On Wednesday morning she texted, Sad Today, Strong Tomorrow. Pinche fucking Trump.

But even if Beto didn’t win this time, it’s just the beginning. And Texas will turn blue, even if my sister has to knock on every door.


D-Day had his first day of Puppy One, and my dears he was a star. So smart. So good. And he had so much fun with the other puppies.

He already knows how to sit and down and stand by hand signal. The other puppies had to be lured to do those things by using a treat as a sort of magnet to guide their heads. (D-Day gets a treat, of course, but after he’s performed the command.) In class, to avoid showing off, we did the luring thing too, but he was so quick at it that you could see it was baby stuff to him.

The teacher praised him. And she said, “Look how healthy he is. His coat is so beautiful and shiny.” On the way home, Teresa and I told each other several times how beautiful he is, how shiny, how healthy, how advanced, how relatively easy to be around.

We do the same thing with Enzo, marveling at our good luck, coming up with particulars.

These conversations are a reason to stay married. No one else can bear to have them with you.